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Welcome to my Website!


This website is a translation of my German website "". "Pinguin" is the German word for "penguin" and "Wissen" means "knowledge" or "ken" in English. So, I want to impart knowledge about penguins on this website. The main reasons I created a penguin website are:

  1. education
  2. fascination and
  3. conservation

The texts are written in an easy way. I want to educate people in penguins because some people misconceive penguin facts. I often heard people saying that penguins only live in Antarctica or that they are no birds. Therefore, on my website you can find penguin facts that are supported scientifically so that you can learn more about penguins.
I have been a penguin fan for my whole life and I am fascinated by them until today. Over the time I have been working on my website I learnt more and more interesting facts and because of my biology studies I could understand them better.
I want to share my knowledge because many people like penguins but only a few are aware of all circumstances which are related to penguins. Especially, people are oblivious to their endangered status. Two thirds of all penguin species are classified as "vulnerable" or even "endangered" by the IUCN and are present on their "Red List of Threatened Species". That is why I want to use this website also for conservation by explaining threats or presenting methods and organisations which can rescue penguins.

This English version of my website is still a prototype and will be upgraded in the next time!

Have fun!